Chapter 1: Reflection


I don’t know who I am…

*sigh* No I don’t mean like that. My name is Nessie Lochlan and I am the only daughter of Arin and Nellie Lochlan. Our family has lived in Dragon Valley for as long as the town’s history has been recorded. My parents are traveling philanthropists. We aren’t incredibly wealthy, but my father makes enough income off of a few rental properties to fund their projects. When I was young my parents took me everywhere with them. We were never home for more than a few days at a time. That is not the life for me.


As soon as I was old enough, I asked them to let me stay home. My father was apprehensive about it, but my mother convinced him to let me try it.


“Honey, I think she can handle herself just fine. If this is what she wants we can at least give it a try.”

My parents agreed that as long as I kept my grades up and didn’t get into any trouble, I would be allowed to stay home from then on.


They knew I wouldn’t get into trouble, I had never been a troublemaker.


I liked familiar, I liked home.


Besides, I wasn’t completely alone. My parents asked some family friends to look after me, Robert and Helen Grey. They were more than happy to do it.


Robert is a doctor and Helen is a lawyer so they never had much time to spend with me, instead they appointed their son Hugh the chore of checking up on me. He didn’t seem to mind much, since I am practically his little sister.


Still, I imagine it was annoying having to take time out of his life to come over every couple days.


I guess the really hard thing is that people started to talk about me once my parents began leaving me at home. I didn’t go out much, and if I did go out it was only to the library or the observatory.


I have always loved science and nature, so I occupied my time with things I enjoy.


The busy-bodies in town must have seen some sort of mission in my research, like I was trying to find something. Okay, I may have made a passing comment about seeing something in the lake behind my parent’s house.


Bradan:”You have better chance of finding a unicorn in your living room than finding anything in that dinky lake. You might want to get out more.”

Pretty soon I was the butt of a running joke and the people in town even gave this fictional monster a name, the Lochness Monster.


This is why I don’t talk to people.


I was alone in a house on the farthest reach of town and my imagination got the best of me, next thing I know my imagination has a name and my entire existence is defined by it.


At least I had my best friend, Enya. We are a lot different but we still have a lot of fun together.


She would listen all about the latest books I had been reading


And I would listen to her boy problems and whatever drama was unfolding in her life. Sometimes I did wish I could be like her and be liked by everyone, and sometimes I wondered why she was my friend when she seemed to have so many interesting friends.


She told me that I was her true friend, and that she liked me because I wasn’t all about drama and she could just be herself. I never did understand that though, not being yourself around someone else. But then I guess just being myself did sort of cause all those rumors about me.


My parents would stop back home for a few days, sometimes a week, but they were always on the go. They made sure I was alright and then they were off again.


I shouldn’t be angry because I am the one who asked to be left at home, but I can’t help but wonder how they could just leave their only daughter to raise herself. I get that they had big things to do, but the fact that I was somehow not as big as those things really hurt. Sometimes I needed my mother, like when prom rolled around and no one had asked me.


Enya had a date, and she did invite me to go along but I didn’t want to be a third wheel. Everyone already thought I was awkward enough.


I couldn’t call my parents very easily since they were sometimes in countries that didn’t get good phone service, I just had to wait for them to call me.


I used to get so excited to hear my father’s voice on the other line, but as I got older I felt more detached.


They just chalked it up to me being a moody teen, but it didn’t feel like a “mood” to me. I hated the reminders that whatever they were doing was more important than me, I hated that they didn’t care to take the time to know the real me, I started wishing they wouldn’t call.


But still they called, and I guess it was a mild relief when they did. How could I hate them and need them so much at the same time?


I eventually hardened to the fact that they were going to do what they wanted, and that I should do the same. They are still my parents and have shown me nothing but love, aside from a little neglect.


“Yes! It’s turning into something!”


That confetti is a pain in the ass to clean up.


But I was in pretty good hands. The Greys would call every day, and every couple days they would send Hugh over to check up on me. We had a ritual of playing rock, paper, scissors.


“Stop reading my mind.”


“Stop being so predictable.”


He loved reading too, so we would talk about books most of the time.


The Greys would also occasionally invite me over for dinner.


As the end of high school neared Enya got pretty serious with her boyfriend, Dermot. She would still try and hang out with me but most weekends she spent with him. That familiar anger crept into my mind every time she was too busy to see me. I was jealous, angry, and hurt.


I let her know all that one night.

“You are never around for me anymore, you are always with Dermot! I don’t even know you anymore!”


“Nessie, I..”

“NO, I know how it goes. Everyone leaves me once something better comes along. I guess I thought you were different.”


“It…it’s not like that”

She didn’t talk to me for a while after that.


I became more of a hermit than usual, not even answering the door when Hugh came by.


A couple times Helen came over to talk. That really did wonders having a woman to talk to, a woman who knew me. Whenever I talked to my mother her head was so full of what was going on in her life, there wasn’t any room for my concerns or problems, not to mention the fact that my mother hardly knew my personality.


Helen eased my fears about Enya and told me that it is a natural part of life and that I wasn’t wrong for being hurt and angry, but that I should apologize for taking it out on her.


I knew she was right, so I called Enya over.

“I was a total jerk and I was wrong, I was just afraid of losing my best friend”


“No matter what, you will never lose me. Best Friends Forever, remember?”


After that, things got better. Though I’d be lying if I said I was always happy to see Dermot. It isn’t the same when there is a boy hanging around.


Then…Hugh left for college. I shouldn’t have really cared but he was my second closest friend even if he didn’t see me that way.


I didn’t think he would leave for college since he wasn’t exactly fresh out of school. He had been hanging around in town doing odd jobs at least since I started staying home by myself.


He is studying Marine Biology, he has always loved the ocean. His parent’s house is on the shoreline and he would often go there to fish or swim.


Since he has been gone, me and Enya pretty much got back to normal. And soon it was time for us to graduate.


And that is where I am now. Dermot proposed at the graduation after party, and I am truly happy for her. They will go to University together, she will get her degree, get married and move on with life. She has it all tied up.


I’m happy that she is happy, but everything perfect in her life just emphasizes to me that I have no direction.


My parents came home for my graduation and they  have invited me to go with them on their next trip since I haven’t been for years.  I haven’t decided if I will go or not, it would be nice to spend some time with them but Im apprehensive about going somewhere totally new.


I like to research and discover new things…from my workroom or back porch. Im not a brave adventurer and if I go with them I will just sit at base camp reading books.  I guess I am pretty selfish for not wanting to help them, but my heart is not in it.


Enya, Hugh, my parents, Robert and Helen..all of them have a mission, a goal, a purpose. What is my purpose? For all I know, I will have better luck finding the Lochness Monster than finding Nessie.

32 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Reflection

  1. Awesome beginning, and interesting storyline. I like how you tie in the Lochness Monster with Nessie. 😆 The view from her backyard is gorgeous. What kinds of things will come out of that lake? Poor Nessie has been so lonesome for a while. Your writing style is nice and the layout and large font easy to read. Good start!

    • Thank you very much! I tried out quite a few themes before deciding this one so I’m glad it is easy to read. 😀 I hope I can keep it interesting, Im not sure what is in that lake…maybe nothing? maybe something? guess we will find out lol.

  2. Awesome start! I love it! I had a good chuckle over the “That confetti is a pain in the ass to clean up.” line. I really like the concept for the story and hope the Hugh comes back! They are so together. 🙂

  3. Love it. It’s coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to some more chapters! Nessie is such a pretty character and your wording helped me relate to her emotions and the story line. I agree that her and Hugh are cute together! 😀

  4. aww that was fun. Poor Nessie life is going on around her and she doesn’t feel she fits in anywhere. 😦 I really wish her parents took the time to find out about their daughter. I understand they have ‘important’ work but she should be just as important. It will be interesting to see her journey to find herself and her purpose in life.

    • thanks! yeah her parents assume she is alright since she has everything she needs and she has always been a quiet loner so her brooding behavior doesn’t seem strange to them. Im glad you enjoyed the chapter 🙂

    • thanks for reading! No Nessie doesn’t feel like she has anyone. 😦 She will do her best to come out of her shell a little, but it is hard for her.

  5. I really liked Chapter one! You did great taking the myth/lore of the Lochness Monster and making into a story of your own with a lovable character as your main heroine. So great to see Enya, too! I can’t help but wonder- even though he is older- if Nessie has a little crush on Hugh? 😉
    Great job getting pictures that showed the emotions to go along with the story. I did LOL at Nessie’s face after she and Enya made up and Dermot was sitting there on the couch with them. 😛
    Going to check out Chapter 2!

    • Thanks! Im glad my little Lochness Monster backstory went over well. Ahaha who wouldnt have a crush on a hot older man who plays rock, paper, scissors with you? 😉 hehe
      thanks for the comments about my pictures too, I worked really hard on those! Nay suggested turning off the headlines so i think from now on ill have them mostly off. I kinda like them in some of the shots though, like where Nessie and Enya are doing the BFF thing. 😛

  6. I replied last night and lost it when I posted…I enjoyed the metaphoric pictures and the way they supported the mood of the story…the walls/floor of the house Nessie lives in are blasai and cold like the relationship she appears to have with her parents. The relationship Nessie experiences with Enya is typical teen, but the comment “I’m always good enough till something better comes along” is a chilling revelation of the emotions Nessie harbors. Hugh is an interesting character, he possibly may harbor some insecurities of his own or is it that he felt a bond with Nessie that he put off going away to college while busying himself with odd jobs around town? Nessie felt safe with him.

    • oops! forgot to reply to this comment! that sucks the first comment got lost >.< I've had that happen.
      Thanks for the awesome comments, they are always appreciated 😀

  7. Woahh…. I really like this; I like your writting style and how you take the picture, that’s btw very gorgeous! 🙂 I’m really gonna enjoy following Nessie and her story ^^

  8. Just loved this first chapter!
    As a parent, I can’t understand how they can leave Nessie on her own, but of course happy family lives don’t make for good stories 😉
    Loved her relationship with Enya and Hugh.
    Looking forward to reading the next chapter after I have eaten something 😀

    • Thanks! I imagine it would be hard for them still, but they have some pretty lofty ambitions that call to them. Nessie is still in good hands and not completely alone, her brooding nature brings on a sort of self imposed isolation on top of what is already there.

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