Chapter 5: Courage


Turning around in front of the mirror, I inspected the back of the dress. Looks pretty good.


“Oooh Nessie, I really like that one”, Enya exclaimed as she came out to show off her own outfit.
We decided to do a little extra shopping after picking out my maid of honor dress. Enya thought it was about time I updated my style.


“You don’t think it is too bare? My shoulders feel naked.”


“That’s cuz they are. Trust me, girl, bare shoulders are hardly scandalous.” She laughed, giving me a pointed look.


“I guess..” I gave the front another once over then turned my attention to Enya’s outfit. “Yours looks really good, that is all you for sure.”


“Yeah I love this! I think I will wear it out tonight.” She gushed, giving a flourish.”You gonna come out too?”


“I don’t know, I’ll just be the third wheel.”

“Actually Dermot invited Kearney…”

“Oh God, well in that case I’m there.” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.


Enya nudged my shoulder playfully. “Oh cmon, he’s not that bad. Besides it’s not like you have to hang out with him…you just won’t technically be the third wheel.”, she said brightly.


“That makes me feel soooo much better.”, I replied as I headed back to the dressing room to change.

“You’d better take that dress!”, Enya called after me.


Smoothing out the fabric, I took one last look before changing. Maybe I really should buy it. I feel like I’ve sort of turned a new leaf, and what better way to broadcast that than a new look?
Since coming home from China I have completely supplied the new orphanage with all sorts of toys and I’m making more for the other locations. Enya helped me ask for donations from people around town and I have found that though most don’t think I’m so crazy anymore they still feel the need to taunt me…


Very funny, guys…


I smiled with satisfaction that I probably got more donations because of that.


I exited the dressing room and headed for the register. Enya was already paying. She grinned as I walked up.

“Yay! Im excited you are getting the dress!”

“Me too!”


“Ok seriously, you have to come out tonight. You can’t buy a new dress and then not go out.”

Giving her an exasperated look, I consented,”Fiiiiine.”

She squealed and bounced excitedly and then proceeded to look at some items nearby while I paid.


I wonder what Hugh would think of this dress. My insides twisted and I started feeling really nervous. Good thing he is not in town. I will have time to get used to it before I see him again.


Back at home I changed into the new dress. Enya and Dermot are going to pick me up at seven. I fiddled with my hair, but decided to just leave it as usual. I really have no idea what to do with it anyway.

I just finished getting ready when the car pulled up.


I took a deep breath and one last glance in the mirror before heading out the door. This is the first time I will be going to a bar and the way Enya describes it, it doesn’t really sound like my scene but I’ve decided that this summer is going to be about getting out of my comfort zone.


Everything I’ve tried so far has worked out pretty well, I just have to be open minded.


Arriving at the bar, the first thing I noticed is that I am way out of touch with popular music. The place is pretty packed and the noise level is astronomical. Enya said something, but I didn’t understand until she pointed to a table in the corner.


We made our way over and sat down.
It is slightly quieter here, I can hear my thoughts just enough to know I’m not brain dead yet.


“What’ll ya have?”, the waitress yelled over the noise.


Having no idea where to even start, I just shrugged and looked at Enya.

“We’ll both have Tropic Twister and this guy will have a Buckwheat Blast.”

Dermot just smiled and nodded happily. He does whatever Enya says and loves it, which is perfect for her since she will always get her way anyway.


Seeing them so perfectly together always makes me think about my future. More specifically, who I will end up with. I mean, I certainly have my preference…but who is to say he feels the same…


A body slumped into the seat next to me, jarring me from my thoughts. It was Kearney, the insufferable fool.


“Hey.” He said, trying to sound cool. He thinks he is so suave.

I rolled my eyes and glanced at Enya, but she was still in her own world with Dermot.

“Sooo they talked you into being my date? Can I get you a drink?”


“They did NOT talk me into being your date, Kearney. And I already have a drink coming.”

“Well, dibs on the next one. Care to dance?”


The look I gave him caused him to throw his hands up. “Hey, Woah, I see you aren’t in the mood just yet. I’ll be back when you’ve had your drink.


Dermot, you’re on wingman duty. Let’s roll!”

Dermot looked at Enya and she nodded her consent. The boys headed off in the direction of some cute girls and I sighed with relief.
Me and Enya exchanged looks and laughed. The drinks arrived.


“Just in time! I love to sit and watch the boys walk around trying to get Kearney a date. Every now and again he is lucky, but usually it is awkward as hell!”

Enya had mentioned to me before how Dermot would play wingman for Kearney, I was actually quite eager to watch the train wreck.


I tentatively took a sip of my drink. My eyes watered as it burned my throat on the way down. Aside from that the flavor was pretty nice, not too sweet.


Kearney had better luck than we expected, so I ended up having to buy my second drink. Pretty soon Dermot came by to ask Enya to dance. She hesitated, but I assured her I was just fine watching from the table. It was definitely preferable to making some attempt at dancing.


The alcohol started to take effect after I finished the second drink. I felt almost giddy, like a kid again. The waitress came by “Another?” she asked, to which I nodded enthusiastically. The more the better! The music, while still not something I would choose, sounded more tolerable now and I found myself bouncing to the beat.


I watched the crowd. Everyone’s smiling, laughing, just moving with the music and not thinking about anything but right now.

I see Kearney watching his new friend lustfully and Enya giggling as Dermot paws at her playfully.


Feeling brave, I throw back the rest of my drink- then regret it slightly as the burning causes me to cough- but I have a great idea. No, a brilliant idea!


Pulling out my phone, I dial a familiar number.


It rings.

And again.

Cmon, pick up.

I hear his voice, “Hello”


“Hi!” I exclaim a little too excitedly, “It’s me! So this is crazy but..”


“You have reached Hugh Grey, leave me a message and Ill get back to you.”, the voice mail greeting continued in his genial voice.



Embarrassed, I snorted a laugh. “I just thought your voice mail was you! You should be here right now, we could make fun of Kearney together cuz he is being a real tool. I’ve never wanted to dance before, but now I kind of want to and nobody has asked me. I know you would- or maybe you wouldn’t want to dance but at least I would have someone to talk to.” I rambled.
“So anyway you probably cant even hear me since the music is so loud but…”

*beeeep*”If you are finished with this message, please hang up…”,The automated voice began.


“Fucking rude!” I yelled and ended the call. Tossing the phone on the table, I got to my feet defiantly.


I don’t need anyone to ask me to dance, I’ll do it myself…once this table stops moving….


“Nessie! Sit. Before you fall on your face.” I heard Enya’s voice and felt her pushing me back onto the seat. “How are you so drunk?”

“She is just a lightweight.” Dermot stated.

“I don’t wanna sit!”I whined.”I wanna dance!”

“You cant even stand, Nessie.” Enya giggled.


I let out a frustrated groan, “God it’s hot in here.” I started pulling up the skirt of my dress to let some air in.

“OOHHH kay…I think its time to leave.”, she exclaimed while slapping my skirt back down.


“Dermot, grab her arm and let’s get her out of here before her clothes fall off.”


Both lots used for this chapter were created by elle0808

Ella Ray’s Salon

The Three Broomsticks

26 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Courage

  1. hahaha I love Enya’s expression in the “trust me girl” shot.
    rotfl, the little nessie toys, so freakin cute but the kids will love them.
    Hah! You’ve done so awesome with these facial poses, I love it. Kearney’s look cracks me up.
    LOL poor Nessie, a little too much for her first time out.
    Really fun update, I’m glad to see her getting out of her shell and at least she has her friends by her side to help her along the way. 🙂

    • Thanks! I cant take much credit for Kearney’s expression since i imported a CLIP from the game to get it 🙂 you will recognize it as one of the expressions that avatar sims have.
      Yeah she went a little overboard! I had so much fun doing this one, i have so many awesome outtakes im about to put up.

  2. Hahahaha, drunk Nessie had me dying. “Fucking rude!” and “I just wanna dance!” had me in giggles. I’m glad Hugh missed her drunk dial, though-that would’ve been hella embarassing!

    Also, what a pretty dress! Enya was totally right.

  3. thanks! 🙂 I literally LITERALLY tried like every dress i have on her before i settled on that one. 🙂
    yeah Nessie went a little overboard! but hey, everyone has to have a first time right? lol
    It definitely would have been more embarrassing if Hugh had picked up XD

  4. hahaha funny Nessie got drunk. I hope they stay with her and don’t let Kearny anywhere near her in this condition. He seems like the slimy type. It would be really funny if Hugh showed up.

  5. lol yeah no worries, Enya will take care of her friend! Kearney is fairly harmless since he would be subject to Enya’s wrath if he tried anything. Hugh is a few hours away, but that would be funny if he showed up and saw her like that! Im sure he would get a kick out of it. 🙂

  6. Omg. Nessie is adorable when she’s drunk. She actually reminds me of me! I get drunk super easy and I want to take clothes off almost immediately. I get hot reallllllly fast when I drink. Had she reached Hugh that would have be an… interesting phone call, lol. I absolutely ADORE the picture of her at the end leaning on him laughing like that. Priceless!!!!

    • haha that is how i am too. At my bachelorette party I was taking my clothes off in the car on the way back to the hotel.
      haha probably best he didn’t pick up! She would have had a serious case of word vomit and who knows where it could have gone? lol

  7. LMAO, drunk Nessie is fun. Tossing her phone cause she felt the automated voice was rude. I see she doesn’t handle her drinks well. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna regret this in the morning.

  8. haha yeah, you are correct. She will not be too pleased in the morning XD
    lol well how dare that voice cut her off in the middle of an important message!

  9. Nessie looks so good in her new dress. I’m glad she bought it. 😀 Oh my god! Nessie drunk was hilarious!! Trying to pull up her dress to get more air. 😆 She is going to have one heck of a hangover in the morning. She definitely, stepped out of her comfort zone. 😆

    • Yes she did! She might be regretting her actions in the morning lol, but at least she had fun! It was good for her to let loose and see that life is not as serious as she makes it out to be 😛

  10. Enya is cute showing off her dress. I don’t get the dinosaurs in a box thing….? Her new outfit is very pretty! Uh oh I see she got a romantic drink. Hehe drunk-dialing Hugh! That last pose is awesome. Fun update.. she is probably never going to drink again. 😆

  11. Dang Nessie was getting looseee!
    ahaha and how kearney gave up so fast on herr
    surprised me actually O.o
    loved this chapter!
    and im sure Hugh will show up soon 😉

  12. Oh god Nessie…. getting drunk and then… wow! XP She really looked pretty in that dress and I like that she went out with her friend, even if she ended up drunk. Aw… she really likes him, doesn’t she? Cutie calling him like that and all ^^

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