Chapter 8: Intentions, Part 1

She spoke quickly, “I can’t today, I’m going to pick up my dress and..”


“I thought you did that Tuesday?”, I interrupted.

“No, I had the final fitting Tuesday. The seamstress had to adjust one last thing before the dress was ready for pickup.”


“Okay, so after that..”

“After that, me and Enya are meeting her mom for lunch and going to the venue to set up the rest of the decorations. The rehearsal dinner is tonight and tomorrow is just going to be crazy. Hair, makeup, pictures…”

“I’ll just catch up with you later then.”, I sighed. “Have a good time.”

“Ok, bye.”


This is fucking absurd!

I have been trying all week to get some time with her so I can make things right. Whatever that was that happened Sunday evening has been haunting me and I can’t even get a moment with her to talk about it…or apologize…or something. I don’t even really know what to say because I’m not even sure what happened.
One moment I was in control, ready to tell her how I feel. The next moment I was lost in the curves of her lips, wanting nothing more than to just… just grabbing her and kissing her wasn’t exactly how I planned for that to go…is that why I hesitated?

You fucking idiot.

That is a terrible reason if it’s true.


I headed out to the shore and cast my line, hoping that one of my favorite past-times would help clear my head.

The opposite happened as the events of the week flashed before me. I did get a chance to see her Wednesday afternoon. I went over under the pretense of working on her lawn, and it concerns me that I even needed that for her to agree to see me. Is she avoiding me?


“Thanks for doing that, it looks much better”

“Yeah, no problem. Hey listen..”


“Oh speaking of problems, you will not believe some of the stuff we have been dealing with this week. Like just yesterday Enya realized that the caterer had the time wrong! Can you imagine how horrible that would be if they showed up an hour late for the reception?”

All I could do was stare. It’s as if some sort of wedding demon has possessed her. It’s not even her wedding. And how the hell can there be so much to do in one week when you’ve had all summer to plan?

“…and I still have not written my speech. I really have no idea what to say. I plan to do that this evening. I think if I don’t do it tonight I might not get another chance.”

Tell me about it…


“I’m sure whatever you say will be fine. Nessie, I really want to..”
Interrupted again, this time it’s her phone.

“Hold on a second, sorry.”


“Oh my God, I told her there wouldn’t be enough! I told her they would run out of supplies for the favors but she insisted it would be fine. Now she wants me to go get more and drop them off.”


“And you have to do it right this second?”


“Well yeah, they are working on them right now and I can’t just bail on her.”


I can’t really be mad at her since she is just doing what she is supposed to do, I guess, being the maid of honor and all. I did this to myself.

Why is it so hard to just tell her?
The question burned in my mind. I’ve asked out girls before. What is the big deal?


I thought about Ava. It was easy to ask her out, she hardly gave me a choice. She practically threw herself at me, not that I minded at all. But we both knew what it was, we knew it wouldn’t last and that was fine.


Morida. It was instant attraction, hot and heavy. She wanted me to propose. I thought about it, but I just couldn’t see it happening. As time went on and no proposal came, she became increasingly upset. I remember the night I knew it was over. I had been checking in with Nessie and when I visited Morida afterwards she was having a fit over it.


“She is not your responsibility. You need to let go and move on with your life. You keep making excuses and I know they are because of her.” She said ‘her’ with such contempt.”You haven’t even gone to college yet…why? You can only take so many ‘gap’ years. It’s clear that you are stalling.”

She was right, I had been making excuses. After our breakup I enrolled in college. Nessie was able to take care of herself pretty well by then and it was time for me to make some progress in my life, but she was always in the back of my mind.
So what am I afraid of? It is obvious I can’t imagine life without her.


My phone buzzed, breaking me from my thoughts.
It’s Kilian. He lives in Riverview and was in the graduate program when I started and we had become good friends over the years.


“Hey”, I answered.

“So tell me, is it gonna be a double wedding tomorrow or what?”

“Definitely not.” I chuckled. “I haven’t even said anything yet.”


“What the…fuck, man!!”, He erupted. “It’s all you could fucking talk about and then you couldn’t even do it? I had to listen to your pining for months and just when I think you would end my suffering you puss out.”


I couldn’t help a laugh, “I wasn’t pining.”
I had only really talked about her a few times, Kilian has a flair for the dramatic.

“You were pining.”, he insisted. “Like a lovesick preteen girl. I feel like I already know this chick, you wouldn’t shut up about her.

So what happened?”


“I don’t know man, I kinda…freaked out and now everything is all weird. I mean, I had her right there and I just froze. I just- ” all the excuses I’d made swirled in my head and ultimately the truth revealed itself. “I couldn’t stand the thought of her saying no. She had been acting kinda strange anyway and it threw me off a little. I mean, if she says no then that’s it. It’s over. There is no way we could even be friends after something like that.”


Kilian sighed, “Man, you are thinking too much. I mean, what? Are you going to just be her friend forever then? I can tell you that she is sure as hell not gonna stay single forever. So then you are going to be this creepy pseudo-father figure who stares at her ass when nobody is looking.”


“Fuck you, Kilian!”, I joked.
He burst out laughing and I joined him. But he’s right, dammit.

It’s all or nothing.


That thought prevailed in my head as I took my seat next to my parents. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, tonight is the night.


I glanced around and started understand why the girls had been so busy this week, the place is transformed. And I’m pretty sure Enya invited the whole town.


I was reading a program absently when the music started up. Her mother, his father and step-mother, his mother and step-father; they all walked and took their seats.


I started feeling impatient. I appreciate the tradition of a wedding ceremony, but they can get really boring. Mostly, it’s just that this ceremony is- and has been all week- delaying me from what I want to do.


The music changed slightly and my breath caught in my chest as I caught sight of her midnight blue hair, pulled up to expose her neck.


The cut of the dress revealing her shoulders and back, the fabric clinging to her curves as she walked. I like her other dress, but I daresay I like this one better.


As she reached the front and turned to face the crowd, her eyes searched the floor and then the ceiling refusing toΒ  acknowledge all the people watching her. I couldn’t look away. Finally her eyes scanned the audience and stopped on me, then immediately she averted her gaze while her cheeks flushed.


Like a magnet, her eyes met mine again. This time she didn’t look away. I smiled at her, she started to smile back.


Then someone stood up in front of me.

Mom tapped my shoulder, gesturing for me to stand. Enya was walking down the aisle with her father.


I stifled a laugh thinking about how I had completely forgotten about the bride. I glanced at Nessie and she saw my amusement and smiled, giving me an inquiring look.


I shook my head and she eyed me shrewdly.


As the wedding continued, my mind was occupied with how I would handle the evening. I’m not sure what I will say or how to begin, I’m just hoping the right words will come to me in the moment.


All I know is I have to tell her and there is no room for doubt, I have to commit to tonight being the night that our relationship is changed forever. For better or worse.

25 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Intentions, Part 1

  1. Aww poor Hugh, she’s not avoiding you or anything… 😦
    She really is just caught up in all the wedding stuff but it seems like more than that. >.<
    rotfl "creepy pseudo-father figure"
    Oh man I'm so excited for the next part now. *dies* So awesome, he's building himself up so much. IT HAS TO HAPPEN.
    I loved it!

    • thanks! πŸ™‚
      Well, Nessie might not be avoiding him consciously…
      hehe I first wrote Hugh and Kilian’s convo in a different setting, when i rewrote it i just had to keep that line lol
      i really hope i can get the next part out fast!!

  2. where’s the rest?!?!?!?!? UGH I need him to tell her!!!!! Poor Hugh he’s so tongue tied and Nessie is just as bad. Those too are too cute and so silly.

    The wedding was very pretty. Enya made a lovely bride and I loved seeing Nessie all dressed up. πŸ™‚

    • The rest is in production! πŸ˜›
      I hate to break it into parts and leave you hanging but part 2 is way long already and if I kept it all in one it would be totally out of sync with the rest of my chapters!
      yeah Hugh was having such a hard time breaking through all the craziness of the week, and Nessie wasnt really giving him a chance. She is quite practiced at avoiding things she deems potentially unpleasant.
      The wedding turned out good, but it was a nightmare to shoot!! πŸ˜†

  3. Aw, it was neat seeing things from Hugh’s perspective but seriously dude, MAN UP! Lol! I can’t wait for part 2!!! The shots you took are amazing. Everything is at the perfect angle. Everyone looks lovely. LOVE Enya’s dress. Great job, V!

    • He tried!!! sorta! Kilian is there as the voice of reason πŸ˜›
      He has a lot to lose if she were to reject him, and how is he really to know what she feels without asking? He does have a tendency to know what she is feeling and thinking, but this is something so much larger so she is hard to read, especially through all the craziness of the week.
      Dont worry, I think the next part will be easier for me to shoot so it shouldn’t take forever and a day. πŸ˜†

      *edit* oh and thanks for the comments on my pictures! πŸ˜€

  4. Awh, poor Hugh and Nessie and their awkward courtship..or whatever it is. Hugh’s really gotta ask her out, though! The chance is just too good to pass up. Aaaand Killien’s goading was just too awesome to say no to.

    Beeteedubs, Nessie looked lovely at the wedding! Haha I could hardly pay attention to Enya at all. Suppose I have a case of the Hughs… πŸ˜†

    Wonderful chapter!

    • haha well Poor Enya was hardly the center of attention from Hugh’s point of view πŸ˜›
      Yes, good thing Hugh has a friend who will tell it to him straight! He needed to be brought back to reality. Less thinking, more doing! lol
      and thanks!

  5. Ahhh! So awkward!! Poor Hugh though all those emotions.
    Nessie looked beautiful at the wedding. Like Hugh said I forgot about the Bride!
    Damn with the cliff hanger!!! Lol

    • Haha sorry about the cliff hanger, I hate leaving cliff hangers but this would have been a crazy long chapter otherwise! πŸ˜›
      Yeah Hugh was not so interested in anything else once Nessie walked in the room lol

  6. Poor Hugh and his insecurities… It’s so cute seeing him so taken by Nessie. I love the pic when he first sees her at the wedding and her neck is revealing. I bet there are more things Hugh wants to do with that than just staring at it ;).

    Oh, and the wedding was very pretty!

    Can’t wait for part 2!

    • Yeah he is not really accustomed to his insecure feelings, which makes him more confused. But with previous relationships he didn’t have a meaningful friendship at stake if things went awry.
      I’m willing to bet he would like to have a more intimate inspection of her neck πŸ˜‰

  7. I just wanna go upside his head just one time and tell him to man up. She’s just girl, it’s not she’s gonna turned into a cthulhu and eat him if he simply say, “I like you. BE MY WOMAN!” ,…Maybe if he say it like that… LOL

    • LOL yeah maybe if he said it like that. BUT if she didnt want to be with him he would be pretty crushed so he is understandably scared…BUT by the end of the chapter he is determined to do it! Kilian gave him a verbal slap upside the head:D

  8. I do have to admit I must be like Hugh because I don’t even remember he brides dress, the colour of it or anything. Only Nessie :p she did look super pretty too and the way you wrote it even made me distracted.

    They’re both so awkward and uncomfortable when they’re around each other. The tension is insane. I’m glad that Kilian called up Hugh, not only was it amusing but it seems like the kick in the butt that he needed to tell her how he feels. Or at least I hope so.

    • Haha seems I could have dressed Enya in a potato sack and no one would have noticed, but then Hugh wouldn’t have noticed either since he only has eyes for one girl πŸ˜‰
      Hugh really needed to talk to someone to help sort his thoughts, so its very fortunate Kilian checked up on him. As a man, the thought of calling his friend to talk about girl problems hadn’t really occurred to him lol

  9. Oh my gosh! They are killing me with this walking around each other and no one making the first move. Something needs to happen between these two. πŸ˜€ I love the bride’s dress and Enya looked gorgeous in her dress.

    • They are killing eachother with it too! One can only stand it so long! But Hugh seems to be a bit more determined now so let’s hope he gets some results in the next part πŸ˜‰

  10. Nessie looked so beautiful and her shy little smiles were adorable πŸ˜€
    Poor Hugh is working himself into an absolute state! Love it πŸ˜€

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