*peeks head in*

Hi, everyone. So this story is not dead, it’s just been kinda dead the last…couple…months or something. I don’t know, I hit a major writer’s block. I have a lot to work from actually, and the next two chapters are both pretty well rounded at this point, but I really lost it when I couldn’t come up with a rough draft ending. Not knowing the ending really threw me off of my path.

It also doesn’t help that my schedule has been changing a lot lately, and the time that I had alone to write and work on pictures has been much more limited. I think that it might be better now, though. I am going to shoot for getting the next chapter out sometime in the next week, and I’m going to brainstorm like crazy about the ending and at least try and come up with a few options that can lead me somewhere.

I already feel better having posted something here and just talking about it. It’s hard to write, and especially for me I guess. I admire those of you that can pump out so much great work in a relatively short time-span. But everyone is different.

I apologize for disappearing like I did, and of course it was after such an emotional chapter. >.< Surprise cliff-hanger ending! NOT.

Okay, enough rambling. Here is a preview for the next chapter.



5 thoughts on “Hello…

  1. I can relate so well to everything you said, I could have written it myself, hehe.
    Lots of hugs :), and here’s hoping there will be a new chapter soon! Loved the sneak peek <3.

  2. Oh, I can really relate to your words! Finding the time to be alone for writing, posting, etc. is always an issue for me. I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep writing, I’ve enjoyed your story so much. Looking forward to reading more!! 🙂

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