Same ‘ol song and dance

Heh, yeah I’m still here. I’m still not done with this story but I can tell you honestly right now that making poses is what killed my motivation! It’s a lot of damn work. Still though, I’ve been in a pose-making mood lately so….maybe? I’m gonna open up blender today and see if I remember what I’m doing in there.

So keep yer eyes peeled. 😉

Also, sorry for not posting since May. >.> There is a Skyrim fanfic that I really like that has also not posted since May and I still check on it from time to time hoping against hope for an update. Sorry if I did that to anyone. :/



2 thoughts on “Same ‘ol song and dance

  1. It’s alright. We all feel like that from time to time. I do hope you’ll continue this story, though, I simply love it <3. So, I'll make sure to keep my eyes peeled ;).

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