Same ‘ol song and dance

Heh, yeah I’m still here. I’m still not done with this story but I can tell you honestly right now that making poses is what killed my motivation! It’s a lot of damn work. Still though, I’ve been in a pose-making mood lately so….maybe? I’m gonna open up blender today and see if I remember what I’m doing in there.

So keep yer eyes peeled. 😉

Also, sorry for not posting since May. >.> There is a Skyrim fanfic that I really like that has also not posted since May and I still check on it from time to time hoping against hope for an update. Sorry if I did that to anyone. :/





*peeks head in*

Hi, everyone. So this story is not dead, it’s just been kinda dead the last…couple…months or something. I don’t know, I hit a major writer’s block. I have a lot to work from actually, and the next two chapters are both pretty well rounded at this point, but I really lost it when I couldn’t come up with a rough draft ending. Not knowing the ending really threw me off of my path.

It also doesn’t help that my schedule has been changing a lot lately, and the time that I had alone to write and work on pictures has been much more limited. I think that it might be better now, though. I am going to shoot for getting the next chapter out sometime in the next week, and I’m going to brainstorm like crazy about the ending and at least try and come up with a few options that can lead me somewhere.

I already feel better having posted something here and just talking about it. It’s hard to write, and especially for me I guess. I admire those of you that can pump out so much great work in a relatively short time-span. But everyone is different.

I apologize for disappearing like I did, and of course it was after such an emotional chapter. >.< Surprise cliff-hanger ending! NOT.

Okay, enough rambling. Here is a preview for the next chapter.


Hi :)

Hey guys! I know I always do this, but I just feel like I should keep in touch. I’ve been working on poses like a madwoman and I’m about half-way through for the next chapter. I hope to get chapter 11 out this week, and I was hoping to get the next one out before Christmas but I am highly doubting the possibility of that. But I will be trying to get it done fairly quickly and then I’ll be back to playing my regular games for a bit while I polish up chapter 13.

So expect to hear from me again soon!


I just wanted to say that I am back onto this story now. Right at this moment I am making poses and such so I can shoot some pictures. I do apologize for the long wait, but my heart wasn’t really in it and while Chapter 9 has been written for a while I had no idea how I was going to write Chapter 10. I wrote Chapter 10 last night though(and subsequent chapters have been mostly written and drafted for quite some time). 😀 So thank you for you patience with me.

In the meantime I played a LOT of my Walk of Life Challenge and am now in the fifth generation 😀

This is my heir, Luna, playing horseshoes with her man


Okay, back to Blender!!

Apology for my absence

So sorry I haven’t posted the new chapter. I’ve been playing my other saves and also working on lots of poses and stuff. And to be perfectly honest, I have a lot of work to do for after this next chapter and I’m struggling just a little bit so that keeps my motivation down. I have all these ideas for later chapters, but i have to get through this to get to that…and I just need lightning to strike my brain.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base. 😀

Bit of a Delay…

I was nearly done with Chapter 8 when, in my obsessive re-reading of my current piece of writing, I opened my draft with in my kindle. Well, an extremely early draft was already open in my wordpress app and the damn auto save feature is very effective. Now my chapter has been reduced to my earliest version of the chapter.

So there will be a delay.


*EDIT* THANK GOD that wordpress saves copies of revisions…I found my old version!! 😀 😀

Whew….what a morning….

On a brighter note, I started re-reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the fourth time. ^.^

Sorry for the delay!

I have a lot of the next chapter typed up, but I felt it was missing something so I left it alone for a few days(plus vacation, 4th of July, my husband has bronchitis…the list goes on). I plan to re-read it tonight and start getting my pics taken and hopefully will have a chapter out this weekend!

I have been busy simming in the mean time though, I did a couple updates on my baby challenge and in my Walk of Life challenge I had a ghost baby!!! I’m so excited about that! 😀

Also, I read the book Metro 2033 and it is AMAZING. It is definitely one of my favorite books now. I read the epilogue and started Metro 2034 last night. You should read it, too. 🙂

Anyway, on to editing my chapter. ^.^

Happy 4th of July!!

Just sayin hello! I got back from San Diego on the 2nd and got straight to deep cleaning everything in my apartment in preparation for company. A couple friends from Chicago just arrived so I’ll be fairly busy this holiday weekend. I should have some time to work on Chapter 4 and most of it is written anyhow. 🙂

Hope your holiday is fun and safe(if you celebrate the 4th, that is)

Working Hard!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know I’m working on the next chapter, it is just a lot of work because I have to build some environments and it is taking a while. I’m going out of town starting on June 27th so I’m going to try and get chapter 3 and 4 out before that. 🙂